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Vanderpump Rules
Follow the passionate, volatile and hot-and-bothered-staff at Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood mainstay SUR. Lisa balances her motherly instincts and shrewd business sense to keep control over this wild group of employees as they pursue their dreams and each other while working at her “Sexy, Unique Restaurant.”
Latest Episode: 11x19 Secrets Revealed
11x01 Notes on a Scandal
11x02 The Ultimate Betrayal
11x03 You're Not the Queen of the Group
11x04 Dog Days of Summer
11x05 Lake It or Break It
11x06 Saw It on the Graham
11x07 Written in the Stars
11x08 Peaks and Valleys
11x09 Kiss Kiss, Revenge Bang
11x10 Line in the Sand
11x11 May the Best Woman Win
11x12 How'd You Like Them Apples?
11x13 Jax Attack
11x14 For Old Tom's Sake
11x15 Plot Twist
11x16 Reunion (1)
11x17 Reunion (2)
11x18 Reunion Part 3
11x19 Secrets Revealed