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Young Sheldon
The early life of child genius Sheldon, later seen in The Big Bang Theory (2007).
Latest Episode: Memoir (2)
Half a Wiener Schnitzel and Underwear in a Tree
A Roulette Wheel and a Piano Playing Dog
A Strudel and a Hot American Boy Toy
Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker
A Frankenstein's Monster and a Crazy Church Guy
Baptists, Catholics and an Attempted Drowning
A Proper Wedding and Skeletons in the Closet
An Ankle Monitor and a Big Plastic Crap House
A Fancy Article and a Scholarship for a Baby
Community Service and the Key to a Happy Marriage
A Little Snip and Teaching Old Dogs
A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture
Funeral (1)
Memoir (2)