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Synduality Noir
The year is 2242. Kanata wants to be a Drifter and meets Noir, who is a dud Magus with no memories. However, because Noir excels in battle against the Enders, Kanata partners with her and discovers exactly what it takes to be a Drifter.
Latest Episode: 1x18 Beyond the Sky
1x01 My Name Is
1x02 My Master
1x03 Behind the Mask
1x04 Wild Daisy
1x05 Drifting the Maze
1x06 Dice is Cast
1x07 My Dear
1x08 Episode 8
1x09 Legendary Hero
1x10 Drifters' Pride
1x11 Storm of A.I.
1x12 Mirage of the Ideal
1x13 Double Cast
1x14 Mysterious Journey
1x15 Duel of Fates
1x17 Greyish Zone
1x18 Beyond the Sky