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Prosecuting Evil with Kelly Siegler
A true-crime series examining the most shocking murder investigations and toughest trials in Texas history - all told with Kelly's unique insight and unparalleled access. As Chief of Special Crimes in the busiest courthouse in the Lone Star state, Kelly Siegler battled to get killers into courtrooms to face their formidable defense attorneys. With her own firsthand accounts, alongside investigators and victims' families, Kelly reveals what really happened beyond the newspaper headlines to bring Texas-style justice.
Latest Episode: 1x10 Justice Is Green
1x01 Theater of Law
1x02 The Wig Shop Murder
1x03 We Let Evil In
1x04 The Most Innocent Victim
1x05 The Cop Who Wouldn't Stop
1x06 The Mask of God
1x07 The Darkest of Nights
1x08 Honor, Jealousy, and Murder
1x09 Rogue Witness
1x10 Justice Is Green