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My Demon
A pitiless demon becomes powerless after getting entangled with an icy heiress, who may hold the key to his lost abilities — and his heart.
Latest Episode: 1x16 Our Personal Heaven
1x01 Living in the Mist
1x02 Everyone Has a Demon in Their Heart
1x03 Joining Hands With a Demon
1x04 Sweet but Dangerous
1x05 Only You
1x06 Into the Wheel of Fortune
1x07 Stained Relationships
1x08 Episode 8
1x09 The Unmasked Truth
1x10 Breaking Through the Shell
1x11 A Paradise of the Ominous
1x12 The Savior of Destruction
1x13 The Past, the Original Sin
1x14 Our Personal Hell
1x15 The End of Fate
1x16 Our Personal Heaven